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Philippines' Most Preferred Playground Supplier and Developer

ASIA PARKS AMUSEMENT & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, formerly called Innov8asia Marketing and Trading, a company who specializes in design, conceptualization, direct sourcing, importation and sales of products for amusement, home and business improvement was established in the early 2008. The company always upholds its core values of ENHANCE, IMPROVE & ENJOY to satisfy our clients need.

Our team started with supplying homes & hospitality establishments with our quality sourced products and eventually expanded into conceptualizing and improving designs to serve our clients’ demands but still, we opt to continue our main business of direct sourcing.

We exist for the main  purpose of coming up and providing innovative products at the least possible cost.  That is why we always see to it that our designs and supplies cater to our clients’ demand of being better and more affordable than others.


To be the nations most preferred source of INNOVATIVE and AFFORDABLE products for amusement and improvement of homes and businesses.


To design and provide better and cost efficient products that will help our clients in the improvement of their homes or their businesses. We are driven by young, motivated and innovative individuals dedicated to serve our clients needs at any given time.

Unit 1007-1010 V.V. Soliven Shopping Complex, EDSA, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila ( after MRT Santolan station near CATS Motors)


Landline:(02) 942-2405  
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